We are currently looking for an experienced osteopath with further training in visceral osteopathy and a passion for aboriginal health or working experience in diverse cultural environments.



 An Osteopath is a primary health care provider. Rebates are available through all private health care funds and the osteopathic therapy is supported by Medicare's Enhanced Primary Care program.


visceral osteopathy

Visceral manipulations assist to bring blood flow, mobility, structural function and organisation back to the viscera (belly organs) and their connective tissues.

The osteopath uses gentle manipulations often in cooperation with the patients breathing to activate the abdominal lymph system to support the induced structural changes.


parietal osteopathy

Parietal osteopathy treats the musculoskeletal system. 

The aim is to restore joints, bones, muscles, ligaments and fascias back to balance.

The osteopath may use techniques such as MET (tensing and relaxing of muscles), gentle ligament and fascia balance techniques and the mobilisation of joints and related segments.

craniosacral osteopathy

Cranio-sacral osteopathy ranges from the cranium and spine to the sacrum, which protects the central nervous system. Deep within this system flows the cerebrospinal fluid.

With gentle 'listening with the hands' techniques the practitioner diagnoses and treats to restore balance on a very fine structural level.