our services in complementary         manual therapies

In my training and experience I am specialised for babies, children, woman and ageing bodies. 




digital testing

Digital Meridian Imaging:


We use a digital meridian imaging system with a cutting edge, computerised tool. Before every treatment we analyse the status of each meridian by touching acupuncture points on hands and feet. This is the basis for developing each treatment plan, together with muscelosceletal, myofascial and visceral testing.


The digital scores and graphics also help us to capture the improvement in health. They also provide fully accurate patient documentation.



professional background


Gentle touch to activate

self-healing with:

  • cranio-sacral therapy 
  • paediatrics in cranio-sacral therapy
  • cranio-sacral therapy for pregnancy
  • specific cranio-sacral treatment to support an integrative orthodontic approach (AFL, removable plates, bionator) to support the body as it integrates the changes
  • to work with the myofascial adjustment of fixed braces
  • cranio-sacral treatment for temporomandibular joint dysfunction 
  • release techniques 
  • myofascial kinesiology taping 
  • cell talk in crania-sacral therapy a.t. Upledger
  • biodynamic in cranio sacral therapy
  • trauma therapy a.t. A. Levine
  • visceral & functional Osteopathy
  • Breuss Spine adjustments
  • Remedial Massage

 Support the body to find 

new pathways:

  •  shiatsu techniques
  • meridian stretches and spinal stimulation
  • shintai and sotai (combination of anatomy trains and meridian techniques) for posture an myofascial adjustments
  • tibetan detox technique
  • oriental massage techniques to support healing
  • facial rejuvenation
  • neuromuscular dry needling
  • cupping
  • dry needling
  • auriculotherapy, earseeds




We offer health retreats, staff development for maternity staff, midwives and day retreats for young mums. We teach you to use 'hands on' techniques for both professional and private use.