complementary manual therapies

In Europe, Asia and Indigenous cultures in general, the gentle manipulation of internal organs and surrounding structures is part of a holistic manual approach to heal with hands since prerecorded times. 


It is Miriam's understanding with eastern and western training but foremost through experience working in diverse cultural environments that modern livestyle and emotions injure our organs and with it has an impact on fascias and musculoskeletal system.


In her manual therapy sessions, she gives a major focus on bringing balance back to the belly organs and the kidney function. She uses gentle manipulations, dynamic muscle strengthening, fascia release techniques and meridian stretches throughout the interconnected system of the body.


Miriam has many years of experiences with two busy clinics in Europe specialised for Babies, Children and Women's Health.


Her upbringing in a traditional herbal healing environment high up in the European Alps and her relationship with the local custodians of this coastline since she was a young woman expands her understanding of hands on healing. Miriam appreciates every moment she has learning from the people of this land and is passionate about supporting health in the communities that is based on traditional ways.


babies & children

A baby experiences lots of external influences during pregnancy, birth and after taking the first steps into life.


Cranio-sacral treatments support the baby's and later the child's adaptive capacity to work with these external stimuli so the physical and emotional development can happen in harmony without adaptive compensations in young years.



professional background


Miriam is trained in a broad spectrum of  complementary manual therapy in Europe, Asia and in Australia which enables her to incorporate various techniques in her sessions:

  • complementary therapy OdaKTTC in cranio-sacral therapy 
  • paediatrics in cranio-sacral therapy
  • cranio-sacral therapy for pregnancy
  • cranio-sacral therapy and the endocrine system
  • specific cranio-sacral treatment to support an integrative orthodontic approach (AFL, removable plates, bionator) to support the body as it integrates the changes to work with the myofascial adjustment of fixed braces
  • Feldenkreis for woman
  • cranio-sacral treatment for temporomandibular joint dysfunction 
  • paediatrics in cranial Osteopathy
  • release techniques 
  • myofascial kinesiology taping 
  • cell talk in crania-sacral therapy a.t. Upledger
  • biodynamics in cranio sacral therapy
  • trauma therapy a.t. A. Levine
  • Trauma therapy  in intergenerational constellations a. Hellinger 
  • NDK in visceral Osteopathy
  • functional Osteopathy 
  • Breuss Spine adjustments
  • Diploma in Remedial Massage
  • Diploma in Oriental  Remedial 
  • shiatsu techniques
  • meridian stretches and spinal stimulation
  • shintai and sotai (combination of manual therapy and meridian techniques) for posture an myofascial adjustments
  • tibetan detox technique
  • oriental massage techniques to support healing
  • facial rejuvenation
  • neuromuscular dry needling
  •  cupping
  • electro and laser acupuncture
  •  auriculotherapy, ear seeds


Women have amazing bodies with the ability to go through emotional and physical metamorphosis.


Especially pregnancy, birthing, breastfeeding, mothering and later going through meno-pause requests our adaptiv powers.


Gentle manipulations can support a woman's health especially with the digestive function and weight issues, fluid retention, balanced hormonal system, abdominal and pelvic strength and a positive way of carrying the body with a beautiful muscle tone through all stages of womanhood. 

hands on and digital examination

We use a digital meridian imaging system with a cutting edge, computerised tool. Before every treatment we analyse the status of each meridian by touching acupuncture points on hands and feet. This is the basis for developing each treatment plan, together with muscelosceletal, myofascial and visceral testing.


The digital scores and graphics also help us to capture the improvement in health. They also provide fully accurate patient documentation.

ageing body's

It is one of Miriam's passion to care for the body in age. The gentle touch and understanding used for Babies and Children can be applied for ageing bodies.


In order for the body to work as strong unit ageing rather then a parcel of compensations, we need a free moving sacrum, an unrestricted cranium, organs that feel comfortable in their position in the belly with plenty of blood flow to stay strong, fascias that can carry without being pulled in another direction and a spine and the musculoskeletal system that can do their job moving and walking without nerves to be back shooting.


It's Miriam's experience, it is never too late to work with healing your body and emotions and increasing your life's quality to stay enthusiastic and adventurous also in a later stage in life.



  • Full Body Treatment    $180.00 / 90 min
  • Remedial Session    $ 120.00 /60 min
  • Cranio Session $120.00 / 60 min
  • Babies' Children Treatment                $ 50.00 / 30 min
  • Laser Acupuncture + Dry Needling        $ 50.00 / 30 min
  • Auriculotherapy + Ear seeds                  $ 25.00 / 15 min.
  • Facial Rejuvenation Dry Needling            $ 180.00 / 90 min




We offer health retreats, staff development for maternity staff, midwives and day retreats for young mums. We teach you to use 'hands on' techniques for both professional and private use.