Alasdair Reed  -  Chinese Herbal Medicine


Alasdair has been practising for 24 years and in Bellingen for 8 years.

I studied in Sydney and completed my qualification in Hangzhou China in 1994.  In 2014 I completed  study of classical Chinese medicine with Dr Arnaud Versluys and ICEAM Australia .  
It is my belief that the most important part of any treatment is the connection between patient and practitioner. I listen and connect to your experience of your own health picture and explain how this can be seen from a Chinese medicine point of view so that you may understand and take part in regaining the balance of your health. 
My passion is the treatment of physical conditions brought about by stress , trauma or overwork . These might include insomnia , digestive problems, skin conditions, menstruation difficulties and many other conditions. Naturally I can also treat conditions that may not be caused by emotions.  

How it works

Herbal medicine works with the body to help bring it back into balance.

Chinese medicine practitioners have observed humans in nature for thousands of years. Out of this has grown a practice that seeks to treat sickness by helping the body bring itself back into balance. It is not based on the study of petri dishes or double blind studies but the way the body interacts with life around it.

This practice , Chinese herbal medicine can offer you another perspective on your health picture  You might know that experience of feeling some thing is not right with your health but all the test are saying every thing is "normal" . This is where Chinese herbal medicine can help. Chinese medicine diagnosis can detect health imbalances producing real symptoms in your body that are as yet are undetectable with Western tests.


The Consult

When you come for a consult firstly I will ask you lots of questions about whatever you feel is not quite as it should be with your health. These questions will also include questions about your family health history and many of the questions will be different from those asked by medical practitioners you may have seen before. Once I have asked you some questions and you have shared your own insights about your health I will then take your pulse. This is quite different from a standard Western pulse taking. There are 22 pulse positions on the wrist in the school of medicine I practice in. Each position tells me something about the internal movement of energy in the body helping to fill out your individual picture already gained from the questions asked. Using this information I write a herbal formula that contains between 4 and 16 different herbs that is precisely tailored to your health picture.

Usually I will see a new patient  again with in 7 days to check how they went with the herbs and repeat the same process described above dispensing 14 days herbs. Generally I will then check your  progress in a phone consult for which there is no charge dispensing another 14 days herbs after this. Frequency of visits and length of treatment will then depend on how chronic or acute your health picture is.