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About the Business Owner.

My focus in life has always been on wellbeing. Be it in community, social, educational and corporate systems or in health. More...


I started my professional career with studies at the University of Social Sciences in Lucerne, Switzerland. In my daily work of doing project and community development I found myself advising people with political responsibilities in the public health and social affairs arenas. This led me to completing supplementary studies in business and leadership, coaching and later adding 'Corporate Social Responsibility'. In my subsequent work practice I mostly dealt with change management projects and growth strategies.


While having small children, based on my basic social-therapeutic training and years of experience in working with families, I retrained in complementary manual therapies and completed studies as a 'complementary health practitioner' (OdaKTTC). Cranio Sacral Therapy, which in Switzerland is  Therapeutic Study in itself, was then supplemented with further education in paediatric, functional and visceral osteopathy. I expanded my knowledge and skills in the holistic field of manual therapy with diplomas in Shiatsu and Oriental Remedial & Remedial Massage.


When I am not working in the clinic, I am a wife and mother of four children. Our family loves the outdoors. We run, hike, climb, kayak, swim, snorkel, dive and sometimes 'jump out of planes'. 


In my understanding of health I have not only been informed by thousands of hours of study, but also by my upbringing. I grew up in a  family, that carries the tradition of healing with herbal medicine from the high mountain forests and how to collect and prepare, heal with homegrown food, and a in general a deep respect for the forces of nature. This led me later in my life to spend time with Indigenous Elders in various countries and I am still learning from them. My family has a deep respect for traditional custodians and we are very grateful to live in Gumbaynggirr Country.


Setting up my clinic in Bellingen, I got asked if I had an interest to also run the Optometry business. I felt it being important to offer the Bellingen community  the continuity of the Optometry service. And personally I feel excited to create a holistic clinic, where Eye Care, Hearing Care, Complementary Manual Therapies, Eastern and Western Herbal Medicine  have a place.